IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED . . . try and try again

Try-Try-Again-American-Proverb-PostersThe New Year is upon us and I found myself starting out strong and then dwindling. I care for children on a daily basis and the above is a phrase I use a lot. However, I myself do not follow it. I am doing good for a day, lose 3 pounds, then gain 2, in the end I am losing weight, just not as much as I would like, but I am not giving up. I am taking the time to read labels now, which are very interesting, watching the carb and sodium intake, getting my treadmill fixed and see where it goes. I am being unrealistic when I set my goals on losing 32 pounds in a month! I have decided not to weigh myself because I find myself getting discouraged when I don’t lose and want to eat and when I do, I feel that it is an opportunity to splurge a bit. I will no longer know if I am losing or gaining therefore I will have to continue eating properly in order to be where I need to be or as close as I can get by Feb 1st when my next weigh in is after being away for over a month. During which time I gained all my weight back and then some 😦 Not to worry though . . .  I am going to practice what I preach! I have a new philosophy now and I plan to follow it!


DAY ONE (GETTING BACK ON TRACK) . . . wasn’t too bad!

Today I have decided to try to start to get back into the swing of things. I am pleased that I didn’t wait until “Monday” as I usually do, so that is a step in the right direction 🙂 Now the day wasn’t too bad except I got a little snooty with my husband and am feeling guilty now, but can’t rectify it as he is at work, so I will just have to wait until 11:30 when he gets home.

I did well eating though. I had made a new bread yesterday using chia seeds that I read were great to eat, so I had 2 very small pieces with meat, an egg and sausage, rapine, and then I was starving by 8:30 and gave in to a caesar salad which never tasted better, OMGsh it was divine. I now see why the Europeans enjoy their food so much, it actually tastes better when eaten slowly and enjoyed as apposed to wolfing it down so fast that you taste nothing and didn’t even realize you had finished it already :(OK, so I know that the caesar salad probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but I am still pleased  with my progress because it could have been a lot worse considering what I have been eating the past 2 months and I also enjoyed a few “anti bloating” teas using my new Keurig and infuser that I got for Xmas (which I love by the way) Surprisingly the teas actually did what they claimed they would do.

I have scheduled an appointment to see my weight Dr. who is expecting me to be 180 when I go back. I am currently 228 so I don’t think that is going to happen in a months time, but I am going to do my best to get down as much as I can and may even start exercising again 🙂 It will be really embarrassing to go back having failed, but it was my own doing and now I need to suck it up and deal with the consequences . . .

I have added my tea recipe . . .

Add to the infuser a small piece of fresh ginger (I sometimes use 1/4 tsp ground), with 1 tsp fennel (I crush them), steep together for 15-17 minutes, then add peppermint tea (I break open a bag and add) steep another 10-12 minutes

Does the trick for me. Please keep in mind that ginger can affect  people in different ways, so be careful and enjoy!!!

HOW TO GET THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS . . . I need more tips or possibly a kick in the @#s HELP!!! ARRRRRRR!!!!!

OK! so I am slowly losing weight, still feeling a bit down as I keep having to work extra hard to lose the weight I just lost and I am not talking 4-5 pounds, I am talking sometimes 20 pounds in 2 weeks because of parties, visits, baking etc. If my brain could only make the connection that I could be at my goal weight by now if I only stayed on track and didn’t waste time losing the same weight over and over. The worst part is that I don’t even enjoy what I am eating and I feel so sick afterwards.  I can’t keep going to bed at 7 to avoid eating, my family is starting to take it personally lol or cry, not sure what to do . . . actually I am lucky, they have been really good about it, but that isn’t the point, there has to be a better way 🙂 I need more than the strength to get through the holidays, I need some really good advice, tips and a good kick in the @#s!

Anyone in my neck of the woods free to offer a swift kick ;)

Anyone in my neck of the woods free to offer a swift kick 😉

LONG WEEKEND . . . good company, good weather, heartbreak, oh my ;(

Had an amazing long weekend with my husband and daughter. Missed my son though. 😦 He was supposed to come up with his girlfriend of 2 years, but they broke up a couple of weeks ago and he wasn’t feeling up to going to the place where they camped together, too many memories. He chose Sherkston with friends instead and had a great time. 🙂 As long as he had some peace from this whole ordeal even for a few hours, I didn’t mind him not being with us. I really don’t know what to do or say to him. I met my husband at 17 and married him, so I never really had to deal with that kind of heartbreak. I wish I knew how to help him. It tares me up inside to see him hurting so much. Thankful that his friends have been so supportive and helpful, he is very lucky and he does open up and talk to my husband, daughter and I which is good. Trying to keep him talking and focused on school and work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Love truly does hurt 😦

His weekend went well. Met a bunch of people. He actually turned his phone off so he wouldn’t have to deal with anything this weekend and it worked. He had lots of stories to tell, but you could still see that he would be deep in thought every now and then. He finds it too hard when she texts him. . .  he wants to remain friends, but is not sure he can do that right now and now he has to see her every day at work. 😦 He doesn’t understand why she wanted a “mini breakup”, but still wants to know where he is going, what he is doing and still remain in a relationship on their face book status’. She keeps saying that they will probably get back together some day, whats that all about? He feels if they are broken up that that should be exactly the way it is broken up. She keeps playing with his head and he can’t deal with it. I hope he can keep it together. So finger crossed that he gets through this in as positive a way as one can and everything works out the way it is suppose to.

Our weekend was hot, but nice. Lots of walking, but lots of eating as well. I wasn’t really prepared for my way of eating, too preoccupied and before I knew it, it was time to go. So as they say plan to fail if you fail to plan and that is exactly what happened. So now I am up 10 pounds which I am hoping is mostly water, but I know it isn’t.  😉 I am surprisingly not all distraught about it, because I feel if I want to get back on track, I will. So here is to a week of focus and determination . . .

Come out, come out where ever you arrrrre ;)


Well, I give my  motivation and determination a pat on the back because it hid so well that I still haven’t been able to find it! Come out, come out where ever you are lol! 😉

Hope you all keep yours close at hand 🙂

HEALTHY EATING . . . may not be so healthy?

I was just going through my old food journals where I thought I was eating so healthy. I was eating beans, quinoa, buckwheat, avocado, homemade soups, lots of fruits and vegetables, cut back on meats, fats etc., never ate out except for the odd french vanilla cap from Tims, no frozen meals, all homemade and was very surprised when my weight kept rising along with my cholesterol. I finally realized what I was doing wrong when I started visiting my “weight Dr.” to get my cholesterol under control. . . I was eating healthy for a “healthy person”. I unfortunately did not fall into the category of a “healthy person.”A lot of the foods I was eating were very healthy, but high in either natural sugars or carbs that converted to sugars which got stored as fat which caused my cholesterol and weight to continue to climb. So I guess what I realized was that each person is individual in so many ways, even with how food is going to affect their body and health. What is OK and healthy for one person to eat, may not necessarily be right for the other. Bottom line, know your body and READ LABELS. Many foods we think are healthy, may be packed with sugar, sodium, saturated fats and we won’t know unless we read the labels. I have been doing this and boy am I shocked at what I  see. I compare my food journals from a year ago to now and it is very different. I am more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. There are no more excuses that I didn’t know . . .

Attached is a link that I found interesting . . . 5 “Healthy” Foods That’re More Fattening Than a Twinkie. You may or may not be surprised


2K RUN . . . couldn’t ask for a better day!

Yesterday was the 2k run that my daughter, son, his girlfriend and I had been looking forward to  for a couple of months now. We were all dreading it the day of for some reason (anticipating the worst I guess) . . . when we finally got to the start line which we arrived waaaay too early as we always do 😉 we decided to sit on the rocks by the lake, skip a few rocks, enjoy each others company and the beautiful day that we were blessed with. With the sun beating on our faces we some how forgot about the nerves we previously had. It was a nice start to what would later turn out to be a perfect day. The only thing missing was my husband who unfortunately had  to get on a different bus to go to the finish line where he would be cheering us on and holding a sign that would make  me melt . . .  If I wasn’t out of breath, getting ready to cross the finish line and I could have gotten to him, I would have left the race,  run over and given him a huge hug and kiss . . . Gosh, I love that man!

Any way, I am getting ahead of myself here . . . back to the starting line. See that man always makes me forget what I am doing. 😉 Now, so you know, we had decided ahead of time that everyone would go off and do their personal best and not worry about who was behind. We would all meet up at the finish line. We  all line  up and anxiously wait our turn and the butterflies start to turn in our stomachs. 10-9-8-7-6-5 the count down begins, then the signal goes off and there is a mad dash. My son and his girlfriend went on ahead, but my daughter who has participated in several running events and has placed top 5 in most and came in second in one of them, well, she is still beside me, why? So I say to her with what breath I have left,  go on ahead, I am fine, to which she reply’s  I want to stay with you! Now, I know she is very competitive and would really like to beat her previous time or  even her brother, but she won’t leave my side, so I say one more time for her to go and reassure her that I won’t mind and she starts crying and says mom! I have done many of these, I want to stay with you and then I start crying . . . crying and running, not a good mix so we stop and I hug her and tell her how much it means to me and off we go again. It was a very special moment.

I am proud to say that we were only 5 minutes behind my son and his girlfriend or so they say, I thought it seemed much longer, but none the less I crossed the finish line before they moved the end runners onto the sidewalk lol! I only stopped to walk twice and only for a short time. Crossing the finish line with my daughter saying you can do it mom, we are almost there (I was ready to stop and walk at that point) and seeing my son, his girlfriend cheering and my husband holding the sign (ahhh, the sign ;)) and cheering for us was incredible. 🙂 A feeling I will never forget. I high-fived my daughter and said we did it and I started to cry again like a blubbering idiot and hugged my daughter again and told her how much I appreciated her staying with me and if it wasn’t for her encouraging me, I would have still been out there. We received our medals and they would remain on our necks for the rest of the day, we earned it my son’s girlfriend said! 😉 AND that sign, ohh that sign  my husband was holding meant sooo much to me, so after I congratulated my kids, and found my husband, I ran to give him a huge hug and kiss. Then off we went for ice cream (I had water :)) but enjoyed watching them laughing and enjoying the day, much better than ice cream don’t you think?

As you know I have had an interesting time lately with people not supporting me and I let them get me down and yesterday it was all put in perspective again. This is what it is all about, this is truly what matters in the end and that is what I will be focusing on from now on.

So thank you once again to my family and blogger friends for helping me see things much more clearly 🙂 And that sign and our medals are all still hanging in our living room where they will be for a long time 😉

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