VOICE BE GONE . . . common sense and willpower please return!!!

Ok, so I haven’t been on in a while as I have been spending all my free time EATING or should I say BINGING!!! In the past 8 months I have gained a whopping 42 pounds 😦 I wish I could explain why, stress took over and I found it a whole lot easier and more comforting to just eat and I would like to say it was all healthy food that I was over eating, but unfortunately it wasn’t! I have come to the conclusion that I can’t blame my weight gain on anything except myself. I have had a few things in my life that have stressed me out, but so do millions of other people and they do not resort to eating. I don’t normally binge when I am stressed, but this time I did and it got worse and worse each time something stressful came up. I found myself listening to a voice inside my head that was saying “eat everything now that you may want or crave when you go back on your diet” and of course I listened and then the next day came (diet day) and the voice was back “wait! you haven’t finished eating everything you may crave when you go back on your diet”. And this is how the past 8 months has went. Will I ever be able to get rid of this voice and get back on track?

Voice be gone . . . willpower and common sense please return!!!


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