GOING DEEP . . . snapping out of it!

Saw this on face book and thought I would share it . . . For myself, this hit so close to home especially during this particular time in my life. I have gained almost all my weight back, don’t want to go anywhere where people will be that I know and I am constantly blaming my unhappiness on my poor husband. I seem to be picking at every little thing he does good or bad and feel sorry for myself. The poor guy can’t seem to do anything right.

Thank goodness he is being very patient and understanding, honestly I don’t think I could be. If I had to listen to me, I would say see ya! It is really bad, I have never been so unhappy with myself/life. Definitely not who I am nor who I want to be. I am very lucky to have the family I have who are and continue to be very supportive, no matter how miserable I am.

I am going to post this all over the house in hopes that I can snap out of it or at least don’t take everyone around me down with me. Could it be that I have the winter blues, or that my husband has a new job and we went from seeing each other all the time to hardly ever seeing each other, or that I don’t drive and now I am feeling it because I have to walk and take the bus everywhere. Normally I love to walk and take the bus, it has always given me quality time with my children, but that was when I was doing it by choice, now I have no choice if I need something I have to take the bus OR is it the fact that I have gained all my weight back and am so disappointed with myself that everything else is just magnified.

I can usually find the positive in almost anything, but this dark cloud that seems to be hovering won’t allow me to see the sun past the clouds.Here is to a new day and hopefully I can start finding the light, because honestly I have absolutely no reason to be so hum glum 🙂 Thanks for listening . . .



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