CHANGE OF PLANS . . . can work out nicely!

Had a nice Easter long weekend. It was a bit quieter than we had originally expected, but non the less still very nice.  We were originally supposed to go out-of-town to visit with my family, but found out that my son had to work. Silly us, we just assumed that it being Easter Sunday, he wouldn’t have to work, were we ever wrong. So, scratch those plans, time to make new ones. I have to say, I was a bit bummed. I don’t see my family very much, and was looking forward to seeing everyone, but I didn’t want to teach my son that it was OK to call in to work just because something better came up. You make a commitment, you honour it. So to work he went.

New plans . . . we stayed home for the weekend, had a nice quiet, lazy Friday. Wasn’t allowed to eat meat as it was Good Friday, so I was limited to vegetables. Missed my protein, but I did well. Washed and set out the lawn furniture (now it will snow for sure, never fails) 😉 watched a few movies and just REEEEELAXED with the family!

Saturday we went for ice cream at this place my husband grew up at. It was the “hangout” for him and his friends growing up. Still the original owners and they make the best ice cream using real cream instead of iced milk 🙂 and reasonable prices to boot. I, brought my own jello and sugar-free pecan delight so I wouldn’t stray and surprisingly I was OK with that. My husband said he would take me there one day for a date night and I can indulge in my favourite double fudge brownie sundae (except I don’t get fudge, I get caramel . . . yuuuuum!), can’t wait!  Then we walked along the lake-shore. It was a bit cool, but so beautiful, it made you forget that there were icicles hanging off our noses! We also had some friends that followed us on our travels that I was not very fond of . . . geese, they are so vicious and creepy. I remember 25 years ago when I was first dating my husband, he took me to the park, but didn’t tell me what we were doing. Before I knew it we were infront of  a bunch of geese and we were going to feed them. The poor guy had no idea  of a phobia I had of birds after watching the movie “the birds” by Alfred Hitchcock as a child, so I bravely fed the geese until they stared hissing and coming towards us. Then I was outta there and never went any where they were if possible from that day onwards!

Sunday we had breakfast together, I made bunny shaped pancakes (you are never too old for bunny shaped pancakes) 😉 Then we went for an Easter stroll before my son  went to work, while he was at work, my daughter and husband  played baseball while I sat, read a book and watched them. I love to watch my husband with the kids, it reminds me just how lucky I am! Work was done, then off to my in-laws for dinner 🙂 It was nice to see my nephew who recently moved away for school. Haven’t seen him in a while, so it was nice to sit down and catch up. My  in-laws make all their food from scratch, their own pasta, bread, wine etc so you can imagine how delicious the dinner was. Not my traditional Easter turkey dinner, but crab, lamb, rice balls, 3 baked potatoes, seafood salad, rapine, you name it they had it! I, on the other hand stuck with my lamb, seafood salad, salad and rapine. All the while drooling for what everyone else was indulging in, but I remained true to my new way of eating. I was pleasantly surprised that  no one bothered me about it (you know how Italians can be always wanting you to eat 😉 ) I was free to pick and choose what I wanted without being made to feel guilty. Seems a few more people at the table were also watching what they ate as well, so I was off the hook! lol! When we got home, I had messages waiting for me on my answering machine with lovely Easter greetings from my family . . . what a nice way to end the weekend 🙂

How lucky we are to have family and be able to enjoy the simple things in life. I don’t need diamond rings, the latest  and greatest entertainment systems, fancy cars, houses,  all I need is my family and I am tickled pink.


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  1. Aimee
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 15:39:44

    I love this post. I am the same way about material things. I would much rather experience life with my family especially my husband and son. I try every year to convince my family that holidays are not about the gifts but about quality time spent with each other.

    Oh I know all too well how those Italians can be! My family is ridiculous. Eat, eat some more, now let’s eat dessert! And if you don’t comply well then you must be sick!

    Glad you enjoyed your Easter. Sounds like it was a wonderful day.


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