HEEEELLLOOOOO . . . now where did those muscles come from?

Ok, so I have this amazing neighbour who just happens to be a body builder. She has very graciously offered to come over and show me some exercises to do. I jumped at the opportunity because now I have no excuses that I don’t know what to do and will have to make every effort to do them so when she sees me, I won’t feel like I have wasted her time. I know, I know I should be doing them for my health, but being held accountable to someone seems more like motivation for me unfortunately .

She came over Tuesday and explained the muscle groups in our body, she said that she can only show me what to do, it is up to me to actually do them. It is a life long change just like my eating and that outer results won’t happen over night, to be patient and don’t stop! So now onto the exercises. . .

They were so intense, yet fun at the same time. She watched every movement and made sure I was using proper form at all times. I was so impressed that she was able to get my heart rate higher than when I was jogging on the treadmill and all we used were weights, tubing and my own body weight. She kicked my butt ever so nicely 😉 I didn’t know that weight training could also be cardio!

My legs are still on fire. I am hoping that when she comes tomorrow I am able to at least go up and down the stairs better. I am lucky she is only working one  muscle group at a time or I might be in trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. Heck, the muscles in my butt even hurt. Now where did those muscles come from? 😉  No pain no gain I guess!

So, if I don’t update for a while, you know we  worked arms on Friday lol!


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