We had tha most amazing weather to go on our annual family ice fishing trip on Saturday. Now, when I say amazing weather, I mean I liked it because I  wasn’t freezing my butt off, but the weather wasn’t that great for the lake or fishing! So to most experienced ice fishing enthusiasts I am sure it wasn’t the best of conditions. ;)But to me, I loved it!

My family and I along with my dad,  brother and nephew go at least once a year to endure the cold temperatures simply to catch fish. My husband looks forward to the below zero temperatures early on in the winter season because cool temps mean great ice which in turn means great fishing. I, on the other hand  do not enjoy the cold temps, but I do look forward to our yearly trip and they do go hand in hand.

My husband and I have been ice fishing for over 20 years together and my kids since they were 2 years old. I was always a bit nervous when they were little, so I made them wear life jackets just in case. As a matter of fact I went ice fishing when I was 6 months pregnant. A bit tough sitting on the bench seats for 8-10 hours, but still had a hoot!

You are probably wondering why ice fishing? You are not alone! Many people have never been able to truly understand the lure (pun intended) of sitting out on the cold ice waiting to catch a fish. Fishing in the summer, when you can work on your tan, or relax in the sun is easier to digest than ice fishing. Little do they know that there is much more to be enjoyed besides freezing to catch fish.

Whether you are huddled together on four inches of ice on a frozen lake in Canada with your lures, fishing bait, or a group of permanent shacks is parked on two feet of ice , the fishing takes a back seat to the total outdoors experience. Where else can you go with a group of people  and spend 8-10 hours just talking and enjoying their company uninterrupted by outside influences. No tv, no electronics, no place to go even if you wanted to! LOL! You can read, joke, play games, reconnect, eat, relax, catch dinner, and so much more. It is the lure of camaraderie, which binds an angler to another in the ice fishing sport. And if you are somewhat a foodie, all you do is step on any frozen lake any time of day and you will smell chili, stew, spaghetti, soup, beans and wieners, coffee or hot chocolate on someone’s burner.  I have to admit it does make me kind of nervous when they make a fire out on the lake. I don’t know about you, but I learned  at an early age that fire on a frozen lake is probably not a good idea, but it works for them. 😉

Some of my children’s fondest memories are of being in the hut, cooking up some scrambled eggs for breakfast on the stove, riding on the sleds to and from shore. The picturesque views as the sun goes down on the lake, the jokes, the catches. It is amazing to watch the excitement on their faces as they pull in some doozie catches. My son has even been put in an angling magazine for catching an unusually big bass (which was out of season so we had to let it go) through the ice and I myself last year caught one as well.Then the fun doesn’t end there. We relive the fishing stories on our ride home. Once there my husband cleans and cooks us up the fish we just caught and we together can enjoy the fruits of our labour so to speak and then we call it a day until next time. 🙂

With a proper game plan, the right equipment and good company, you can set yourself up to put some beautiful fish up on the ice and bring home some lasting memories and a lot of fish stories.  Everyone should try it at least once.  😉


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  1. Aimee
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:36:41

    You paint such a beautiful picture of your fishing trip. I love that it’s a family tradition. We don’t have any particular tradition that we do annually as a family. I wish we did.

    OK the fire on the ice would make me a bit nervous too, but it sounds like there are some pretty experienced folks out there. What a wonderful story. Glad you had great weather.


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