CRAMPIN MY STYLE . . . help!!! (2)

This is a continuation or update of my previous post . . .

Had my running workout this morning, dreading it a little because yesterday I got frustrated with my legs not working the way I had hoped. None the less, I still had to do it, so I put it off no longer. Put my music on, put  on the new running shoes my husband bought me, stretched a bit better and for a bit longer this time and off I went with my fingers crossed. My legs got tired, but I was still good to run. I, in fact ran for 6 minutes, elevation 1 nonstop on 5 which is very good for me 🙂 and would have been able to go longer, but my shoelace came undone. 😦  That is a whole lot better than yesterday when my legs would cause me stop after 2 minutes, no elevation.

NOTE TO SELF. . . maybe shoes are really important when running or walking for that matter and stretches are not a waste of time. 😉

Thank you to those of you who offered some advice . . .


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  1. iwannabeaskinnyaire
    Jan 23, 2012 @ 13:07:02

    Good job. Thank you for the congrats on the blog. COngrats to you on your weight loss and your continued losing. we will struggle and sweat off all our inhibitions, insecurities and negative feelings and self talk and when we finally look up, we will see the person we were meant to be in the reflection looking back at us. Love your blog!


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