WEIGH IN . . .

This morning was my weigh in after a month. I gained 8 pounds over Xmas so I was very worried about going because I only  had 2 weeks to get back on track. I was surprised to hear that I had lost the 8 pounds plus 2 more. The only problem is it was water weight instead of fat. I figure weight is weight so I was OK with that. I need to not focus on that and just continue moving forward and make better choices from here on out! My appointment wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! Lesson learned ~ going off my diet made me feel horrible, and my face broke out as well and to top it all off the food I cheated with wasn’t worth the cheat except the wine that is.  😉 I also learned that my hair falling out in clumps wasn’t a very good thing lol! I was told I was lacking oil . . . what? cooking oil??? No, apparently I need more omega fats. So I guess if I don’t want to be bald I better up my omega intake 🙂


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