As soon as the New Year begins, for some reason after saying Happy New Year everyone would like to know what your New Years resolution is. Well I don’t make New Years resolutions because I never keep them. But this year I have decided to set a  “goal” instead. An exercise goal!

I have been doing well with my “healthy eating” goal (knock on wood), so now I am getting brave and would like to challenge myself to  a new goal. I heard somewhere that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  In the exercise department, I am a bit slow to the start, but once started, I finish with a bang. So lets hope I can keep to the 21 days plus!!!

3 years ago and 32 pounds heavier, I did a 2k run with my daughter, who was 11 at the time. I would probably be more accurate by saying walk rather than run, but none the less I did it. 🙂 I started out with my daughter at the start line with good intentions to run all the way, but for some reason my anxiety took over and I was afraid I would hyperventilate (previous bad experience with exercise and being out of breath) so I took the easy way out and walked 😦  I did however cross the finish line and she was already there waiting (for I am sure a while) to cheer me across the finish line. Although I didn’t run as I had hoped,  it was still such a great feeling to have my whole family there to cheer me on and to hear them say how proud they were of me. I can’t even begin to tell you  . . . truly amazing! So this year I would like to challenge myself to another 2k run (baby steps), only this time I would like to actually run it and possibly keep up with my daughter. I have worked out the whole anxiety issues and hopefully they won’t come back to haunt me once again!

You see when I was younger I was quite fit and didn’t even try. I loved track and was actually very good at it. It wasn’t work, it was fun! I did 100, 200, 400 and relay. Relay being my favourite. Then school ended, got married and life got busy. I do wish I had  at least kept up the running, if I did I may not be where I am today with my weight issues. Hadda, woulda couldas, aren’t me, so lets just say I have it in me, so just need to dig it out and dust it off.  😉

My new goal is to get back into exercising and to be at the starting line and the finish line 😉 May 5th/12 alongside my daughter 🙂 Looking forward to it. 🙂 Hey who knows . . . I lost over 20 pounds without exercising, maybe this will be the boost I need to reach my goal weight earlier. I have close to 4 months to get in shape . . . KEEP YOUR FINGERS, EYES AND TOES CROSSED 😉







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