HAVE I CONVINCED YOU YET? because I am not sure I have convinced myself . . .

My goal for the new year was to be at 190.0. Somewhere along the road of uncontrollable holiday eating I lost track of that.  😦 So sad to see that my weight has gone up, but, I am positive that I can make it go back down again.  :s I just need to stop using the holidays as a time to eat what ever I want. This is a life style change, not a temporary one. I need to remember that I am only setting myself back  and that I do not want to continue losing the same pounds over and over again. Been there, done that and don’t ever want to start that vicious circle up, EVER!!! I have come this far, why go back now? I can’t go back now, I won’t go back now! I Must keep moving forward, change my crazy way of thinking. I could be at my goal weight by now if I could only focus and get the strength to say no 100% of the time instead of only 80%. I can do this 🙂  . . . Have I convinced you yet? Because I am not sure I have convinced myself . . .


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