Friday: Q&A

Your reply to this question hit home with me as I enter my 11th day of eating unhealthy. It sure made me think about what it is that i am doing. Thanks

Alya's Fit Club

Flush the Crap Out

By Alya Alyssa Kattan

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Xx ❤ I wish you all a healthy, happy and an active weekend :)!!


Hey sweetie! I have a question lol =) I normally eat healthy but lately been snacking on foods that I normally would avoid. So I was thinking of doing a detox to start clean. Does detox work? I am not doing it to lose weight, rather to clean my body.

Hello Alya! It’s me again – the one who asked the detox Q. I was wondering which detox you recommend and how I would go about doing it? I’ve heard about the fruit detox. What are your thoughts on it? Just trying to decide the best one…


Hey my gorgeous love!!  Thanks for your interest in my blog and for the awesome question!

Detox is the body’s natural process of getting rid of…

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  1. alyasfitclub
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 01:13:02

    Thank you!!! Just checked your blog out and I raelly love it!!! Xx ❤


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