BORING . . . say what?

I don’t know about you, but I am getting bored with the same old exercises ~ treadmill, bike, step and so on. I love the mini tramp, but it still feels like my intestines are going to fall out. I think I may still be too heavy for that right now. 😦

I tend to get bored way too easy, thinking of things to do to change it up is getting difficult. Then I remembered way back when I had  a fascination with belly dancing. Yes, belly dancing! I love to dance so why not shake my thang and get some exercise in as well?So every other day I would slip my disc in the player and dance away. This was short-lived because I was tired of everything shaking in  opposite directions. Instead of making me feel better about myself, it did just the opposite. So I put it away on the shelf to collect dust, but often thought about it over the years!

NOW . . .  I  decided that I was ready to try again and so I dusted them off and turned it on and I was just a rockin!!! I am happy to say there is no side slapping and I am loving it:) I do however have to work on coordination. I have the hips a movin and a swayin, but can’t manage to get the arms into position without messing up the hip twist routine. I find the older I get the harder it is to chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. :)So I have decided to focus on the lower body until I get it right and then work on adding the upper body movements. I just might even surprise the hubby with a little belly dance show when I get it all together 😉 That should be interesting 😉


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