SODIUM . . . my silent weight killer! . . .

So today was my “weight” Dr visit and weigh in and I was very afraid because I did not lose my 1 1/2 pounds per week like I was supposed to. I didn’t know how he would react. And knowing his “say it like it is” personality, I was expecting the run down! Boy, was I  surprised! Not by my weight unfortunately, but by his reaction. He was cool about it . . . I was however surprised by my weight results. I only lost 1 pound in 3 weeks, which I already knew.  The surprise was that I gained 4 pounds of water??? I am not sure how he figured that out because I didn’t notice that on the scale??? Together we tried to figure out why I am retaining water and we couldn’t. Until I came home that is and I read the sodium content on the bag of meatballs that I have been eating lately. Turns out that they have three and a half times the sodium per serving than I am supposed to be having. Voila! As the Dr always says there is always a reason why your weight loss isn’t where you figured it would be and mine always has something to do with sodium 😦 I need to be on top of reading labels first . . . take control of my sodium intake, before it takes control of me!


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