CHRISTMAS DINNER #1 OF 3 . . . and the fun begins!

Tomorrow, I will be making Christmas dinner for my family and my son’s girlfriend. She isn’t able to make it to our big family dinner, so we decided this year to have a separate one so she is able to celebrate with us! This dinner will be one of three that I will be enjoying.

This dinner might be a bit less stressful for me because I am making it so I have some control over what is served and how it is made.The other two I will not.

This year, I will be changing my stuffing by using weight watchers bread instead of the usual bread as well as using  half of my special margarine  and 1/2 low sodium bullion instead of just butter mmmmm! And I will only be making enough for a single serving. For the rest of the family they get to enjoy my original stuffing.  For the gravy, instead of the mouth-watering, delicious gravy made from the turkey drippings which my family will be enjoying, I get to enjoy  packaged gravy which is low in sodium and fat. Not sure what my mom would be saying if she were here, making packaged gravy? but it is all in good health, so I am sure she would approve 😉 Then there are the potatoes . . . weeeell, I am not going to substitute them for sweet potatoes because I am allergic to them soooooo I guess I am going to have to have a bit of them, but just a bit!!! Now for the vegetables, I will be making 2 different kinds of greens and lots of them because I can eat as many of those as I like 🙂 as well as mixed vegetables. Last but not least ~ dessert . . . lets just say I usually make a home-made pumpkin and apple pie, but this year I don’t think I will be able to keep my hands off them, so to be safe instead of sorry, my husband bought a dessert that the family likes, but I do not 🙂 I am good with that and I will stick to my sugar-free pecan delights. I get two of those . . . woot, woot!!! So looks like it will be a stress free dinner if all goes well. Oh ya! I forgot the turkey.I get to eat as much of that as I like, so I will totally take advantage :0 Can’t wait . . .

Buon appetite 😉


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