When I reached my 20 pound mark and realized that you could now notice that I had actually lost weight undoubtedly. I started to worry that people  would react to my new-found weight and it would somehow become the center of conversation. So in talking to my sister  one day, I confided in her that I really wasn’t looking forward to people gooing about my weight and asking questions. I don’t like to be topic of conversation for any reason good or bad! My sister being the over protective older sister said she had my back and no body would make my weight the topic of any conversation while she was around, not to worry. I was happy about that 🙂

Now I have lost 30+ pounds which is clearly noticeable and  no body has ever said in the past 3 months; wow you look great! or have you lost weight? You know, all the things I didn’t want anybody to say 😉 As a matter of fact they complimented my husband on looking good and questioned whether he had lost weight and he isn’t even on a diet and hasn’t really lost any weight??? It was so funny. . . My daughter was kicking me and trying to hold back her laughter when it happened.

I got told how good I looked all the time when I was 30 pounds heavier, no body held back on asking me if I was pregnant (now that was awkward) 😉 or if I had lost weight when I hadn’t. They didn’t have any qualms about telling me that I put weight on or that I should be next to get lipo and a tummy tuck. . .  yes I was a part of that conversation believe it or not and they thought they had nothing but the best of intentions at the time???? My husband put them in their place very quickly (My hero!!!).

I am sure people have noticed, so why no questions?And why does it bother me so much when this is what I originally wanted?I got just the opposite of what I expected!!! I guess I am just wondering why?


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  1. iwannabeaskinnyaire
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 20:45:28

    I enjoyed reading your blog on holiday baking….ugh! So true! It is so hard to keep the mitts off. I’m trying to eat just one cookie if I make cookies or just one treat of whatever I am baking. Even if I bake more than one treat I choose which one to have that time. You must enjoy the fruits of your labors!


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