CHRISTMAS BAKING . . . a love/hate relationship!

Ok, so my daughter and I are in the process of doing our traditional Christmas baking. A few things my mom made growing up and a few new recipes my daughter chose to add to the mix. I have to say that my daughters baking is improving all the time. She makes these to die for squares. (see this is why I am in this predicament! lol!) I have to blame someone don’t I?   😉

I love this time of year, but, as I have mentioned in previous blogs it is a struggle. I have already had way too many sweets and Christmas isn’t even officially here. I am however  doing better than last year, so I can give myself a pat on the back that I have gained a bit more control during this whole process. But I would like to have even better control. I hear that comes in time.

I have my weigh in with my “weight” Dr. on Saturday morning and I have only lost 2 pounds in 3 weeks which I am sure is gone now after sampling 2 of my daughters squares. Hey! some body has to make sure they are edible for human consumption and who better for the job than her mom RIGHT?

The problem is my “weight” Dr  is expecting at least  a 1 1/2  pound weight loss per week. I am sooooo not looking forward to the comments that will come out of his mouth if I don’t lose enough weight. Maybe that is the incentive I need to get the job done so to speak. Hmmm? Doctor – Squares???

Ok, so I have today and 2 more days to lose 5 pounds, can I do it? Check back on Saturday afternoon to see!!! Keep your fingers crossed 😉


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