THE DREADED CALL UPDATE . . . so confused???

Went to my family doctor to see what was wrong with my blood tests and why he wanted to see me. Turns out that my blood sugar levels went up??? My last set of blood work was the end on July and my blood sugar levels were fine and have always been. Shortly after my last set of blood work I started my new diet.

Someone please explain to me why when I wasn’t watching my diet and 90 percent of my food intake was either carbs or sugars, my blood sugar levels weren’t a problem. Now that I am watching what I eat and pretty much cutting out sugars and most starches my sugar has gone up. I am very confused . . . My doctor couldn’t even give me any advice except to cut back on the carbs/sweets (which I am), exercise (which I am) and cut back on the artificial sweeteners. (which I will be doing). Wants to see me again in 3 months and we will see what is going on. . . so confused???


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