“LOVE YA SKIBBLES BABE” . . . one last time!

Nibbles . . . One of a kind xox

A very sad night last night in our house. My daughter has had the cutest little Netherland dwarf rabbit for the past 8 years. I never thought I would ever say this, but he became a huge part of our family. I could never  understand why people fussed so much about their pets until Nibbles came to join us. He was an incredible pet. My daughter took such good care of him and gave him so much love that he in turn gave back 100 times over! He was pretty special. He was potty trained 🙂 yes, that’s what I said 😉 He would find his potty no matter where it was and use it. He was so full of energy. We used to love watching him play he would get so excited running and jumping and he would even jump so high that he got a back and side kick in before he landed and most times he couldn’t stop himself and he would slide across the floor. When he was tuckered out, he would flop in my daughter’s lap and relax and just lick her. He would push his metal bowl with his nose to the door when he wanted more food (he ate like a pig I might add!) If we didn’t see it, he would definitely make sure we heard it 😉 He would climb on top of his house and jump down making the loudest of noises. We thought for sure one day he might hurt his leg. I don’t ever think he slept because he was always moving and making noises that we just became accustomed too over time. He would stand up tall for his carrots, snuggle up and watch TV with my daughter, lie down on her bed while she read and always greeted us when we went past his cage. Who would have thought that a rabbit would have made such an amazing pet and who knew I of all people would grow to love him so much.

Last night unfortunately he was found lifeless in his cage. He was just out running about 2 days before, he wasn’t ill, still eating like a pig and full of energy, so I can only assume it was old age??? The house is so quiet without him. My daughter has a nightly ritual of saying good night to everyone before bed (sorta like the Walton’s, for those of you who are from the stone age as I am!!!) In this ritual, she would say “good night nibbles, love ya buddy” feed him and go to bed to read and on occasion he would join her . . . she did this every night for 8 years. Last night was so quiet. I went past his cage expecting to hear the ruckus of him running back and forth knocking his bowls over to greet us, nothing, it was so quiet it was eerie almost. He acted more like a cat than a rabbit and at times, I think he actually thought he was a cat. So sad to see him go. Even more sad not knowing what happened 😦 Love ya Skibbles babe!!!


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