WARM FUZZIES . . . are the best!!!

Well this weekend was very nice as well as productive. Friday night my husband and I sat down with a glass of wine (which I am not supposed to have on phase 1, but I’m not telling!) and rented a movie (bad teacher) I liked it, wasn’t too bad. I think I had a few  teachers like that when I went to school. What! that wasn’t normal??? LOL!

Any way. Saturday, I got ready to go Xmas shopping and I didn’t have a hard time finding something to wear. Now that’s impressive! Normally it is a chore to find something that looks half decent on me. This time I put on my tights, a tank top and a thin sweater. I even wore my daughters boots and I was ready to go. All day my husband kept telling me how great I looked. You see when we were dating, I never wore the same outfit twice to a club. I had a pair of shoes to go with each outfit, I was never caught with my hair in a pony tale and I was a lot thinner! As a matter of fact, I used to joke with him and say . . . “when I’m 200 pounds, will you still love me?” and he would always say “yes, of course, I promise.” Little did I know  I would actually reach that plus and he definitely lived up to his promise ~ he never stopped loving me ❤ ❤ ❤

As the years went on. . .  I had 2 amazing children and started to work from home. I became comfortable, almost too comfortable. That’s when I started to put the hair up, no makeup, frumpty dumpty clothes that were less than flattering. I didn’t need to dress to impress if I was at home or so I thought. (I still always got done up when I went out of the house though) I hated going to shop for clothes. I always ended up leaving upset and disappointed with my purchase. I always had to buy what fit, not what I liked 😦 That’s why my husband always bought my clothes for me . . . from undergarments to dresses, tops, pj’s, if you wear it, he bought it and did a better job than I ~ I might add 😉 My point is now that I am doing something about my life, I am feeling better which makes me look better and getting dressed is a whole lot easier.  I feel more confident walking the malls instead of always hiding and hoping I don’t bump into anyone I know. And when your husband and children are proud of your hard work and let you know it,  it makes it all worth it. Warm fuzzies are the best and I wish everyone could experience them every day 🙂 and on top of that, my Xmas shopping is almost done . . . can’t get any better 😉


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