Almost three weeks ago I was sent for blood work by my family Dr. because I was having unexplained back and abdominal pains for more than 3 weeks.  I thought that because it had been almost three weeks with no phone call that all was good, so I stopped worrying.  Well guess I was wrong because I just got the dreaded call now that my family Dr would like to see me. I hate the way they leave you hanging and worried sick until the appointment and worry I will! I am hoping if it was something serious that he would have called sooner. This is what has always been in the back of my mind when I started dieting. That trying to get healthy would trigger something worse than high cholesterol. This is why I would only do this diet if I was monitored by a Dr. I thought it was safe???  And now the guessing and internet searching begins. . . Four and a half more days ARG!!!


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