Totally messed up 😦 My daughter had her friends over for a sleep over and of course they had cake, sundaes (all things I haven’t had in many, many months) so guess what I do? Naturally I decide to eat all that I can and get so sick to my stomach and then wonder why I did it??? And the cycle begins!!! Or does it have to. This bingeing every weekend only sets me back 1-2 weeks. I gained the weight I lost last week (probably all water, but that’s not the point) Instead of  leaning towards a continuous weight loss, I continue to lose during the week and gain on the weekends. At this rate, I will never reach my goal weight which is far more important than that sundae . . . It was really good going down, but didn’t sit so well once there 😉

So I have decided to mark on the calendar one day a month where I will allow myself to eat what ever I want 🙂 ONE DAY/MONTH, not/week!!! This way if there is something I am dying for I can save it for that day and my mind won’t feel like it has to have it right now because it will eventually get it!!! Something to look forward to.

I don’t dare tell my “weight Dr.” as long as I continue on the road of weight loss, I think I am good. He does say that no one can be perfect all the time, so if you steer off the diet, then just simply go back to phase 1 for 3-4 days. I am a pro at that!!!


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