I have officially said it, EXERCISE SUCKS! Actually I don’t mind once I am doing it and I feel great when I am done, but getting started is sooo difficult. I am supposed to do some form of exercise for 150 minutes/week. I have divided it up to 30 minutes/day. Now, I normally enjoy just walking or riding in my basement, listening to my tunes from back in the day, but I have since found out that all these years I have some what been wasting my time when it comes to exercise. I never knew that I had to reach a certain “zone” in order for it to benefit me. Not true ~ I knew it, but I thought because I was breaking a sweat I was there . . . boy was I wrong, very wrong! I wasn’t even close to the “zone” and trying to get there and stay there for at least 20 minutes is a lot of work. But not without reward I guess. So to who ever invented exercise . . . YOU SUCK 😉


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