Very excited for this weekend. Celebrating my daughter’s birthday and going to see a band play with family afterwards. Hoping plans don’t get changed. I love when family gets together. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well and there isn’t an upturn about the trip we are now not going on.

It will also be the first time that my in-laws have seen me since I have lost almost 30 pounds. (they are very much into appearances and very vocal about it!) Not sure how things will go? Don’t want the day to be about me and I also don’t want to have to explain how I did it. Maybe another day, not  on my daughter’s birthday! If my sister were here, she would set things straight. Maybe a simple avoidance or change of the subject. I will have to speak to my husband about a plan to get out of the discussion. How do you do that without looking rude . . . maybe no one will notice 😉

Now, much bigger things to think about . . . how to stay on track when we will be having my favourite cake. Something I look forward to for each of our birthdays. MODERATION is the key, yes I know 😛  . . . will try to remember the hard work so far and that I do not want to keep re losing the same pounds over and over again because I over did it! (something i am all to familiar with) I need to remember to stay on track and I will be on maintenance soon!!! CHEERS!!!


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