For those of you who  haven’t read my previous blogs, here’s a quick update . . . I have been struggling with my weight since 2001 when we were in a car accident. Last July after gaining 12 pounds in 1 year trying to get my cholesterol down, I was recently sent to a “weight Dr” in order to learn how to eat in order to get my cholesterol down properly.

Well I have been on a special diet for 9 weeks now and while I am following it I feel amazing! I have lost 26 pounds so far. My IBS doesn’t bother me, I can walk and not feel like hyperventilating 🙂 This weekend I went to a wedding and that meant having to get some clothes and normally when I have to go shopping to buy clothes I end up frustrated, in tears and buying what fits and not what I like or feel comfortable in. (for this reason I do not shop, my husband byes me everything and I must say is very good at it!) This time I needed a jacket because the dress I chose to wear had no sleeves and I was anticipating being cold. All the other jackets in my closet and I have many (I never go anywhere without something covering my behind and stomach!) I decided that I would try on a large since I had lost weight , and I thought an extra-large may be a bit big or I was hoping it would be! To my surprise I came out and the lady who was helping us out said something that nearly made me fall over. Something I hadn’t heard in so very long. She actually said “I think there is too much material there, can I get you a medium?”  HELL YA!!! you can and can I give you a great big kiss? To make a long story short I left in record time, not frustrated, or in tears and I was actually very pleased with my purchase 🙂 Can this day get any better . . .

It sure can because when I got outside my daughter who actually found the sweater which I must say hung just above my waist, not below my butt (which is more the norm for me) told me that it was the largest size from the petites section . . . WHAT? are you kidding me? Then I saw it with my own eyes on my receipt which I will be saving for ever    PETITES SWEATERS     30.00H   I was so excited I started hugging my husband outside the doorway 🙂 Now that’s a great  feeling . . .


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