I am packing and preparing for our last camping trip of the year . . . Thanksgiving 🙂 mmmmmmm, turkey, stuffing, potatoes . . . This time will surely be different from last year because I am on my new diet. Will I succeed or will it just be a set back?

I decide to instead of deprive myself, I look for alternates. So instead of using regular bread to make my stuffing, instead i use weight watcher bread which I am allowed a couple of slices a day. I buy packaged gravy mix that is low in fat and sodium because my gravy from the turkey dripping is probably not low-fat. So I am doing good. I bought a few snacks from the store that are allowed and I am ready to go.

I get there, I have my every move planned on paper and I start out good until my husband decides to make the most deliciously looking grilled cheese over the fire . . . I gave in and then because I already gave in I also had some chips and a chocolate chip cookie see because the special Oreo cookies I bought for myself just weren’t cutting it. That night I decided I needed to get rid of some of those calories so we walked, and walked and walked and that became the basis of my long weekend . . . over eat and walk my brains off. By Monday my back and stomach were hurting . . . no killing me, I just blamed it on my shoes and all the walking we did!

The next day at home I weighed myself and I had lost 1 pound ~ wow, how is that possible? I return to phase 1 to get back on track and thank goodness by Saturday, my next follow-up appointment I had lost 6 more pounds . . . was this enough? Would he kick me out of the program?

FABULOUS!!! he says “I can’t believe it 6 pounds is incredible. If you keep going like this you will reach your goal sooner” 🙂 He had no idea the mess I made of my diet the week before :s He said 2 pounds per week was very good, so I was happy! I told him how I hadn’t exercised all week because of my back and I thought it was sore because of the shoes I chose to wear and he just made a grimacing face. That was it . . . “see you in 3 weeks”! OK see you!



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