“MINIMUM OF 10 POUNDS????” . . .

OK! My first follow-up appointment with the “weight Dr.” was finally here . . . 2 weeks of a diet that is pretty much low-fat, low carb, low sodium and no sugar. The first 2-3 days were horrible. Salt and me are best friends and he was taken away and that hurt the most 😉 I wouldn’t let anyone eat in front of me and if they did I would get mad at them and go to my room, I was exhausted and had a tummy that talked and talked very loud at that. After those few days, it was smooth sailing. I just needed to find more low-fat recipes and all would be fabulous. So I looked some up and followed the diet to a T and wad-ya know? I lost 16 pounds. Now I am very excited, but at the same time a bit worried because I know that a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week and here I have lost 16 in 2 weeks.

I walk into the office with my early morning sample and step on the scale. The lady is just about as excited as I am. She hands me a sheet of paper which turns out to be my phase 2 diet . . . YEA!!! and on top of that he said 16 pounds isn’t bad, “40, now that’s bad”

I go in to see the Dr. and he says I am a perfect patient. He wishes he had more like me. “16 pounds weight loss is amazing . . . see what did i tell you?”, “listen to me and you will have a nice flat stomach!!!” He also said that most people think that most of the weight loss is water, but with me only 5 pounds were water, the rest was actual fat woot, woot! 11 pounds of fat YES! and the next phase has more nuts, bread and other things I can handle. The only problem is that I am only allowed certain things  2 times/day. Now I have to choose which I would like the most.


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