GET A LIFE . . .

WAH! WAH! WAH! I can’t believe I sound like that . . . worries me!!! I am over weight for no other reason except I eat too much of the wrong foods and no one can change that except for me! Complaining, talking, crying are not going to cut it any more.Nobody can help me but me!!! So stop your complaining and do something about it!!!

On July 29th/11 I went for my yearly physical. One that I had postponed 3 different times because I was trying to lose weight to get my cholesterol down. Great! Right? I am making an effort. I am reading and looking up on-line exactly what I should be doing and for the most part I did it.Or did I???

I show up for my appointment and my Dr. whom I think is the best asks me how things are going and I begin to tell him how I cut out my 3 large french vanilla caps a week, am eating beans, nuts, cut back on meat, eating avocado, quinoa, you name it anything I read was healthy and good to lower cholesterol, I was trying. He looks at me and says “well it looks like you are doing what you need to be doing.” At this point I am all proud and excited . . . he looks at me with this puzzled look and says “but, Char, you have gained 12 pounds in 1 year???” My heart falls into my stomach and I just start crying and say “and this year, I really was trying.” I was devastated, how does one who is “eating the right foods” gain weight not to mention 12 freaking pounds. Any way the appointment wasn’t a total loss, I was sent home with an appointment to see “a weight doctor” and a referral for my first mammogram how fun!!!


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