Day 10 of 48 . . .

Now! I am looking back at what I am eating and it really doesn’t look like all that much or very well balanced, but I am feeling fine. I eat what I want, when I want as long as it isn’t junk, so I am hoping it will even its self out. I can’t go back to dieting and depriving . . . it plays games with my mind and I get even hungrier. I end up eating my diet foods and then the foods I am craving.

I didn’t start gaining weight until after our car accident in 2001 when I gained 12lbs in one month and got scared and started dieting and I continued to gain from there. Up until that point I never had to nor wanted to diet and I ate what I wanted to!!!

These are the days of our lives!!!

I haven’t had beans yet this week, so maybe I will have to have some today, maybe a chickpea salad or bean salad???





asparagus/spinach salad   (love this one)

(made it, but just wasn’t feeling it, so I had 2 of my stuffed shells instead)


vegetable drink


stuffed shells with red sauce x3-4

mixed vegetables



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