Day 9 of 48 . . . No more excuses . . .

My daughter and I brought my bike up yesterday so I can ride while watching TV . . . seems I have so much to do that before I know it time has passed me by. I really need to work in exercise. So at 1:00 every day, no matter what I am doing I will make a conscious effort to sit on my bike and peddle for at least 1/2 hour.


lemon tea




chicken breast

cole slaw


vegetable drink

bena fibre with vit E


1 c noodles with cabbage, onions and carrots

1c coleslaw

sauteed peas 1/2 cup


4 oatmeal cookies

watermellon (lots)

3 hand fulls peanuts with shells on


2 bottles water

1 hour walk


So I didn’t ride my bike because I all of a sudden didn’t feel well . . . but I did go for a long walk with my children.

I had 2 oatmeal cookies and was going to go for another pkg right after just because they were there and I stopped myself. Then a few hours later I grabbed them any way. I should have put them out of my site and I wouldn’t have eaten them.


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