Day 5 0f 48 . . . Ready To Crack . . . Staying on track . . .

Ok so  today I had a break down . . . I have an 18 year old son who I am proud to say is an amazing young man, very polite, kind, considerate, independent and very mature. He still calls when he is going to be late or going someplace different, says bye and I love you when he leaves or calls and makes time to spend with the family when he can now that his schedule is much more hectic with work, school and girlfriend. I don’t see him very often and when I do we are both busy, so sometimes I bombard him with questions about his life, day activities etc. and I can see that he is getting frustrated with the 20 questions. I got upset with him because his girlfriend and her mom knew more about my sons prom plans than I did. I over reacted and I spoke with him about it in detail later. It isn’t about prom, it is about him growing up, being independent and now having someone else to talk to about things and I understand that and I am happy for him, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. So I explained that when I blow up and he can’t figure out what he did that was wrong, not to worry, it is just me trying to deal with him growing up.  I was explaining to my husband what had happened because he was at work and I just broke down and cried, he came over and gave me a big hug and I realized how ridiculous I was being, but I couldn’t stop. Where has the time gone?

After all this I was so tempted to eat unnecessarily and I didn’t, I turned to fruit instead, so I was pleased about that!

I was curious as to how my weight was coming, so I caved and weighed myself before the month was over and was pleasantly pleased to see that I had lost 5lbs. now to only continue this progress throughout the weekend . . . which is very hard for me!!!


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