Day 3 of 48 . . . Bad day!!!

Woke up early, my morning was off, had to go to the doctors, can’t hear. Thank goodness I got a ride because it would have been a very long and excruciatingly, hot walk. Was early, so I went to Mc Donalds and saw the most delicious cinnamon roll, but decided to get a bottle of water and leave instead.

Made beer bread for my son and knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep control, but did better than I normally would have, so was pleased with that. Next time I think if I know ahead of time I am going to slip, don’t make it. My son would definitely understand . . . this led me to break one of my starting rules (don’t over eat just because you messed up, accept it and move on) I didn’t and continued on an eating spree, but realized it and decided to stop and go for a 45 minute walk.


vegetable drink

beer bread


chickpea, black bean salad with 1/2c cottage cheese

1/2c peas


homemade french bread with butter

1/2c chili



5 home made cookies

bag microwave popcorn


45 minute walk


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