Are our children growing up with a lack of conscience, empathy, remorse, guilt or shame?


Truly tragic! Another death that could have been prevented. What is the world coming to when a child is bullied to the point of wanting to take their own life just to find peace? Bullying isn’t something new, it has been around for ages, but why does it seem like it is becoming larger than life? Has it become an epidemic? And if so, how do we stop it?

At one-point bullying took place mostly at school, these days it can happen anywhere at any time. Bullying today is very serious and scary! At one point you used to know who the bully was in the playground and you tried to steer clear, but now with social media it can be anonymous, you don’t necessarily know who the person is. Rumours are easier to spread when you can hide behind a screen. And the bullying isn’t left to the playground anymore, it follows you home. It can be 24/7, making it a lot harder to get away from. How can you tell if your child is being bullied or is the one who is doing the bullying? Communication? Watching for changes in behaviour?  Bullying isn’t always obvious, it leaves scars, but not always visible ones and victims of bullies most times feel ashamed or embarrassed and don’t want to discuss it. How do we encourage children to talk about it and make them understand that the bullying is not their fault?  How do we teach bullies to have compassion and empathy towards one another?

Both myself as well as my children were victims of bullies growing up. I was lucky in that my children were “talkers” and that I was able to notice that something was going on in their lives, but not all children are open books which makes it harder for bullying to be caught early before it leaves permanent scars.

I don’t have the answers, wish I did, but I do know that bullying has been taken to a whole new level. Is social media to blame? Are our children growing up with a lack of conscience, empathy, remorse, guilt or shame? Where do we go from here?



CHOICE . . . we all have one

Its funny how when you least expect it life adds a twist. Our twist could be considered a possitive or a negative one, all depends on how you choose to deal with it and what you choose to take away from it!

The last few + years have been a struggle, but we choose to make it a happy ending no matter how hard we have to try.  If you used to follow my blog in 2013/14, (feel free to read my previous posts) I was on mission to lose weight and find myself. Well I AM BACK now and unfortunately, I am close to 100 pounds heavier, but I have come a long way in my search to finding myself.

During my time away from blogging, I didn’t get lost, but rather distracted. My son was diagnosed with what seemed like a new illness every year for approximately 3 years and you can probably guess how I chose to deal with it all. I am not proud, and it may sound horrible to others, but I would handle it the exact same way again if I had to. I was able to stay strong, be supportive and keep my sanity and that, at the time was what was most important.

I am back to say that you don’t have to settle with the same old same old. I am choosing to get up and do something about it, something I should have done a long time ago. Yes, life has its highs and lows, but one must remember that there are some things in life we have control over and some we unfortunately don’t, so take advantage of the things you do have control over and try to find something positive in the things you don’t because as my son always says things could be a lot worse!


Please join my son and I as we discuss the same general topic, but with very different personal journeys, perspectives, views, and much more. You can compare the two, offer advice, ask questions, tell your story or simply just chuckle at his very humorous videos. Follow his Highs and Lows, past and present in the Hot box on Instagram @highestwizard he would love to hear from you as would I at free2bme123 here on . . . again please feel free to share his Instagram page, like, and follow as he brings humour and personal experiences to some pretty intense situations. You won’t be disappointed. The worst that can happen is you have a good laugh and you learn something new 🙂


I’M BACK . . . @highestwizard


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I have been away for a while dealing with different things, but I am back and looking to not only start a new journey, but to also take you on the journey I was on while I was away. There are two sides to this journey, mine and my son’s.  I am not an Instagram person, so I am going to tell my version on here and my son on Instagram. Please follow my son @highestwizard on his Instagram journey through the highs and lows in the hot box. As he gets upfront and personal about his struggles, his tell all about how they came about, how he dealt, what worked, what didn’t, how he uses humour to get through, the choices he had to make, what saved his life and so much more. Please feel free to share, like, follow you won’t be disappointed . . . he is just getting started but has big plans for you all!

I will be sharing the same journey but rather than be up front and personal it will be personal, but as seen through the eyes of a mother. Stay tuned and you will see where @highestwizard journey started and where it is headed.

Looking forward to having you on this journey with us and to seeing where it takes us!


PHASE 1 . . . day 1

Well so far, I failed to drink enough and eat every 3 hours, just plain forgot, busy morning. Tomorrow I will be setting a timer to remind me and carry my water bottle around as well. I have the food ready to go in the fridge and need to remember to fill my water jug as soon as I get up! As for the eating, I did well with what I ate, and exercises . . . weeell they were tough, but I am proud of what I did 🙂 I got so excited about getting started that I forgot to warm up, so need to add that for tomorrow. I was able to complete all the exercises except the push ups, instead of 3 sets, I did only 2 of each. My arms were giving out on me. Lara was right though, you do feel good after, tired, but good! Now I am going to have my lunch ~ zucchini stuffed with turkey and vegetables and for dinner ~ turkey burger topped with roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions,  and lettuce minus the bun! 🙂

GETTING STARTED (WEEK 1 OF 12) . . . wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow starts week 1 of a 12 week program by Jamie Eason. I will be adjusting the meal part of it because I am currently on a low carb diet, but looking forward to doing the exercise part.

I am not as brave as a fellow blogger who previously posted about this program and is currently on week 2 and loving it so far. She is brave enough to post weekly progress pictures . . . I am not there just yet, but I will take a before and after picture and maybe at the end of the 12 weeks, I may post it. So you will have to stay tuned 🙂 WISH ME LUCK!!!!

KICKING “FUNK” IN THE BUTT . . .anyone what to join in?


Today I was pleased and excited to find a post that was posted about a fitness program that a fellow blogger is excited to embark on. I have been in somewhat of a funk lately, so when I came across this I thought what a great way to knock this funk on its butt! Please find the post below and I hope it inspires others  to give it a whirl as well. If you do, please let us know so we can all keep in touch with each others progress and offer support at the same time. I will be starting the program Monday February 3rd after my weigh in on the 1st. I would like to thank Thinspirational Journey for posting this. I enjoy reading Lara’s posts, she is always very positive and motivated.

Meal Prep For My 12-Week Program

Thanks for sharing . . . Great idea and good luck!!!

Kawaii Fitness

Hey Everyone! Today is the day I am starting a 3 phase, 12-week program by Jamie Eason

from And I am just so excited to start it because she is one of my biggest inspiration ever. I’ve always looked up to her when I look at fitness models and such. I was so

excited when I saw her training program that she designed (FOR FREE) for everyone who wants to transform their bodies to being in their best shape ever.

Each phase is compromised of 3 parts. Training, Nutrition and Supplementation.

This entire weekend I dedicated it in prepping myself knowledge wise and nutrion-wise so I can do this program correctly. And of course since I start training later on today, I had to make my meal prep a priority.

So here is my meal prep:

Lara Novales meal prep diet

Lara Novales Meal prep fitness

Lara Novales meal prep

Meal Prep

Small round containers are for my mid moraning and mid afternoon snacks. And…

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